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Default Re: Don't like coaster brakes?

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Been thinking about this, coaster brake forward. Could rig it to advantage by having the "throw" led around a small pulley. ("dead stop it 180 degrees around and above pulley) One would double the force of the pull but would take twice the cable length moving to pull the brake as much. Am thinking lever arm but so far, that would cancel out the mechanical advantage of the pulley. Snork, I need more coffee.

OK, 2 pulleys that draw to each other and pull a lever about midway with the attaching arm connection to the chain of the brake at the end to increase the throw and keep the mechanical advantage. Would add 4X the pulling force reduce cable travel 75%. But the arm would make up for the lost travel, at least some of it.

My head hurts
Yes, I know how that is. When I've been thinking too hard about a problem sometimes a fresh approach with thinking totally out of the box, going your own way, being original, inventive, tapping in to your latent genius, the sleeping giant of brain power just waiting for someone to throw the switch to get those electrical juices flowing.... whew. Exhausting, isn't it? May I humbly suggest another approach. Think EXTREME REAR BRAKE. A simple heavy boat anchor hanging off the rear rack with a little lever to let it go as a kind of EMERGENCY BRAKE. Be the first kid on your block with one! And it would not have to be a fancy boat anchor. While less stylish, a couple cement blocks would suffice as a concrete solution to your problem. People will say, "Gee, why didn't I think of that? In winter conditions while riding through deep snow a simple hook anchor like that used by dog team mushers would be the cats meow.
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