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Default Re: PVC Tank How To

Very nice job on your tank. I'm usually not a fan of anything plastic, but it does have its uses and this looks like a good one. The tank should be durable and last a long time. I'm wondering if there is an elbow set up so that the filler could up a little higher and the cap level. That would be nice. I like the cap and am going to experiment with it. Do you find any leakage at all? Not having a vent line running up under the seat gives a cleaner look which I like. I'm wondering if harness leather gaskets might work... I have scraps of course. That would not be affected by gas I would think. Of course I see your tank covered in harness leather, but you know me. I agree that having your straps where you placed them tricks the eye from seeing the step down from end cap to the smaller diameter. I like your tank and appreciate your sharing the how to.
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