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Default Re: migargi rover gt

I 'spose it's kinda a moot point now as they've upgraded to shiftkit model 3 (or four, I'm loosing track lol) but I'm wondering about your sideplate problems? The SBP kit ('cept the first and the new, completely different one) has a length of angle steel on the left plate (engine sprocket side) & a lil aluminum bracket on the inside of the right plate to prevent such flex. While I did upgrade the lil aluminum bracket to a steel one, I'm concerned that your flex issue may not be from the plate thickness as I've not had a problem with the sideplates at all - and I ride that 'un pretty hard lol

Is it simply one of the first shiftkits? It's not one of Dax's is it? Do you feel a "pulsing" when it's under full load?
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