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Smile Re: Billet Manifold for new grubee engines, where??

Originally Posted by skuzzy View Post
Cool I'd be interested in your results.

What size engine do you have?
I have the 66cc engines, the best one I have so far is one with a straight plug head and it has the smaller 6mm head studs, I have 715 miles on it so far without a glitch, it gets me down the road at 35mph WOT, and cruises real nice @28-30mph, I'm in the proccess of rebuilding another 66cc I have that trashed out on me, it had bad bearing in it right out of the box and only lasted about 25miles before it gave it up, I have a new crank in it now along with new bearings, new piston, new wrist pin & keepers, new rings, and a new cylinder jug, I've gone completely through this engine so I know it inside out and it is gonna be a very good one now if something crazy doesnt happen with it, I could have bought a new one in the box cheaper than I am rebuilding this one but it was also new out of the box when it blew the heck up on me, so I figured I would build it from scratch so I know what I got from the start and I'm not worried about getting another brand new is a BGF motor just like my other one but the large frame mount 66cc slant head engine was a piece of junk right out of the box, but now $115.00 worth of new parts later I have a very solid clean tight engine that should give me some great service. I've got about $275.00 in it so far total and still plan to put one of Jims billet heads on it as soon as Pirate get another shippment of them in a few weeks or so.
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