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Smile Re: Billet Manifold for new grubee engines, where??

Originally Posted by skuzzy View Post
I know, they are awesome looking, see the spark plug?
I think the white wire is gone. So I think from looking at pictures there is only a kill switch wire, the rest is for the sparky.

I just use battery lights, there would be power drain from a wired light I assume?
Yea I was thinking that it only had a kill wire too, but I'm like you and only use battery powed lights as well, much easier and I like that I can have some very bright lights too, I'm fixing to experiment with some of those 12v MR16 LED light bulbs that have 78 LED in them, I ordered them direct out of Hong Kong and haven't got them yet so I will not know how they will work until then, but I like the leds because they dont use much juice from the battery but at the same time most of them are not good a projecting a good beam very far out from the light, I will post my results as soon as I get them and see how they work, I have not seen any post here so far of anyone else using those particular LED lights so I just thought what the heck I will see what they will do, if someone has tried them post your results....I would like to know how and if they work good enough to be worth messing with.
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