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Default Re: Don't like coaster brakes?

Sorry, Been away for a couple of days.
I too dropped the front coaster brake in favor of the highly touted Sturmey/Archer drum. As
mentioned earlier, to me, they are about equal in stopping power. So Bairdco, don't hold out for
the drum unless you have or can find one of known quality. You DEFINITELY need leverage to make
the coast-front work and as B discovered, its a drag brake at best. Heck my rear band brake is 2X
or more the stopping power of the front coaster OR S/A drum.
Why I went with the coaster to begin with was as SB mentioned. Cost/parts-on-hand. It was there and I had to try it. Also, as B mentioned its kind of a conversation piece. But the real reason for going hub-brake was I wanted painted wheels and the look of something retro. Do you know what rim brakes will do to painted wheels? I even tried white rim brake pads. Scuff-city. Disks or others would stop great but looked like crud.
B, I tried to tell you that you need leverage and a big hairy brake lever. Like Seinfeld used to say..."do the math". Even when you were only a 100lb. kid, that kind of force on the pedal was no match for a one-hand grip. Even tho my kids and wife sometimes refer to me as "the wrench" I have trouble stopping a 100lb. bike and 200lbs. of me with my finger grip!
So, the X-FD drum seemed to be the answer...WRONG! Non-differance!
Don't let me stand in your way tho, Try messing with this and see if you can make the difference. History is full of folks that didn't settle for the outcome of others!
Ah but who needs to stop anyway?!!! This is all about GOING! F R I G the stopping! LOL
Later, Enjoy
Oooops, slid right past my exit!
...I'm not saying we should just kill all the stupid people. Just do away with warning labels and let things sort themselves out.
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