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Default Re: yes, Master?

The kit chains are fatter, but the same link distance apart as a pedal chain.
Your local bike store should have 410H heavy duty KMC Z 'Freestyle' chain master links.
Bikes shops understand that.

You do need to find the cause of the problem though, especially toting a trailer with kids.

Since you have to mess with the drive chain anyway I would start by taking the tentioner off all together.
Then take your pedal chain off and link your drive chain to work without one so it is direct drive, then mess with the pedal chain.

Depending your luck you link the pedal side to not need one either, usually with a 1/2 link, but if not make the pedal side chain a tad too long and put the tentioner there.
As long as your rear and motor sprockets are aligned you won't have to mess with drive chain issues again.

If tentioners were a good thing on a motor drive chain, motorcycles would have them ;-}
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