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Default yes, Master?

Ok, so I got my bike up and running, was out having a blast. My husband even attached the kids trailer to it, so they were having a blast . Her maiden voyage took us around our block her by the house for about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. Then my mother-in-law called "come let me see". So off we went. She lives about 5 miles from us. We made it about a mile, maybe a mile and a half and my motor chain came off my wheel sprocket . I didn't bring a wrench, so i couldn't adjust the chain tensioner to make the chain tighter, so we just got the chain back on and off we go again. This time we make it about 1/2 mile and chain pops off wheel sprocket AND halfway off motor. We put chain back on and turn around to go home. We make it about 1/2 mile to the house, and chain comes off wheel again. At this point i am about to give up. "Let's just walk them home and fix them, babe" says I. He was riding his bike next to me. He puts the chain back and says, "one more time, ok?" and offers to take my bike and let me take his. Before he makes it 500 feet, the master link on my motor chain...SNAPS!!!

So here is my question, can I get another master link at a bike store? I am assuming not, since the bike chain and the motor chain are 2 different sizes. Do I have to order 1 (or several) online and wait for them to arrive? I got my motor from and they have some master links there, should I get some of those, are they good quality? Or should I get one somewhere else? If I could find one here in Albuquerque, and not have to wait on shipping, that would be awesome, but...

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