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Default Re: Don't like coaster brakes?

Hehehe ;-}
Banana seat, tall sissy bar, cards on the wheels, and the always impressive 'Fat J" skid.
You had to have a knobby tire for the cool spread-out look and lay it on the cement sidewalk or driveway for the right effect. haha, I can still remember what our driveway looked like them pretty much everywhere.

I didn't give them up until my early teen years and got a 125cc Honda dirt bike, came tearing to the garage intending to lay a fat J right up against the back wall of the garage and pack it right there on top of the skid and misjudged my speed.

I didn't go all the way through the drywall into the dining room, but it shattered a big part of the floor to ceiling mirrored wall on the other side.
My folks were none to pleased with me about that one.

But back to topic...

A smaller front or larger rear sprocket both do the same thing, reduce the gear ratio thus giving you more leverage on the coaster brake.
Which is easier to do is up to you.
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