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Default Re: bought X5 49cc Motor kits got 66/80cc kits??

Hi Demac, nice build.
My question is why did you put a tensioner on the drive side?
With your derailer tensioner there is no chain chain matching issue so just run it direct.
That will remove a completely unneeded moving part and improve the looks.

Actually, with a Jackshaft you wouldn't need a drive side chain, sprocket or tensioner at all AND you could use your bikes gears.
That would instantly solve your gutless motor problem too.
With just my little stock 48cc and a 3-speed hub shift it slaughters every 66 straight drive bike I've built in every way.
I can putt along smoothly at 5 MPH in 1st, and cruise in 3rd at 30+ MPH at half throttle ;-}

The kits are $150 so it doubles the motor cost, but it cuts your problems in half and quadruples the riding enjoyment.

Since you have gears, why not use them right?
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