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Default Re: piston froze!

my theory is i'm thinking it didn't go lean , the plug changed white after i lost compression i remember riding it for a min or 2 after i started it last and it just got slower ad slower and slower then died. but then again this is the 1st little engine i ever worked on like this , 15 yrs ago i used to rebuild car engines ect but this is all new to me.

maybe the plug wasnt as white as i thought but it is alot lighter then it usually was.
as for the metal head gasket it looks in good shape but not sure it if forms the shape when its used as it does have a verry slight flange in the middle of it . so not sure if it needs replacing to or not. head and middle gasket and in great shape.

my only question is turning the left most set screw (closted to air filter) to let in more air , does that mess with the engine getting less oil ? . this bike's top end running at a steady 50 km/h wot , but i never ran in wot verry much as didint want to chance anything on these little engines but if i ever needed to it would do it.
the day this happened i was only going about 25 through some trails
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