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Default Greetings,need help with new motorbike

Greetings,I ama medical technologist,but have built some of these bikes,now working on a 2 stroke 48cc grubee on 1 0 speed cruiser bike (columbia,big tires),the problem is that as soon as it starts(which does most of the ime-if gas ,ticker and choke are into place),but then it starts speeding up in such an incremental-logarithmic way ,that if leave it running -nohing -would stop the engine,including the choke ,the gas valve ,the iddle screw,the clutch OR THE KILL SWITCH. I tried this engine on a bike stand,but if running it would have been disastrous,since I could only pull the spark plug to stop it.Have taken apart carburator and nothing seems runs(only one time lef it overnigh and reservoiur got overfilled wih gas ,that came out of air filter.Now still wondering if the float,carb or somehing else is involved.Hope someone can help me ...
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