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Default Getting ready to start a couple builds

Hello all! It's been over a year since I last posted! I've been really busy with work and life in general, and finally have time to come back to my lil' projects taht was in planning, put on hiatus, and is now back under way.

So the run down.

I live in CA, but travel between CA and NM. I live in both, for lack of a better term, and am starting a couple of builds for me and my father to have some fun with. I did read up the DMV websites of both states, and off th top of my head, the engine I want to do this with is too big to be regidtered as a moped, but that's fine because they will only be used on private property. anmely, being used on my familys dirt farm (no crops in some time), and a friends couple acre lot.

Ok, so, the motor in question is this guy. If I'm not mistaken the rev. limiter or gov. can be removed to get a few more hp's out of it, yes?

So, how could these be mounted to beach cruisers? Any special things needed to attach them to the sprockets? Just regular, men's cruisers. These are going to have rattle can paint jobs, and be fixed up some, but nothing showey. Basically, it's just for us to goof off on the family and friends personal property.

I've already got a lead on the bikes, so I'll start there. I'm not buying new ones because I don't think we need that, some nice used ones will work perfectly fine. Thsi is my first couple of builds. well, our builds. My pops is building his own. I'm doing one, he's doing the other.

I hiope I put this in the right section...
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