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Default Re: just joined.. hope i can be of help!

Originally Posted by EvilDoer360 View Post
@Cptcaveman - Well, after taking my bike on a few test runs I decided to take a trip to the parts store. I picked up an in-line fuel filter and a new spark plug. I tried to find a 7mm plug wire at two different stores but all they had in stock were 8mm. They only way I'll be able to get a 7mm wire would be to get the parts store to order me a full set of plug wires for a car that uses 7mm and the cheapest set is gonna be $21.99. I can get a few 8mm plug wires from a friend for free to save some cash but would it be OK to use one or does it have to be a 7mm ?? I don't want to use an 8mm if it might mess something up. Also, at low speed (5-7 mph) when I give it a little gas to accelerate it's kinda jerky until it gets up to about 12-15 mph. Is this normal or is it a sign of a problem that needs to be addressed, and if so what might be the cause of it ??
some of the motors dont have much torque at low rpm.. luging at low speeds is comon.. as far as the plug wires if theres is nothing wrong with the stock wire i wouldnt change it for fear of damaging the inner coil conection.. some are glued in and soldered at the end and some have a screw post like the plug cap.. 8mm wires can fit if squezzed in and tapperinng the end a littlle can help.. all car wires are of the resistor type and are that way for radio interferance prevention.. you will loss a little power to the plug with them but not engouh to not fire the plug.. some hot ord shops still carry the copper core wire if what your trying to do is have cool wires... the thing i have found to do for reliyablity is to replace the spring type plug cap with a standard plug terminal the only thing is you have to put the brass tip back on the plug but they wont come apart on the inside like the stock one will... in time the screwed in brass/spring clip vibrates loose and falls apart... the coil end of off a HEI chevy set of wires works good and if your carfull you can unbend the crimped on conector and reuse it.. hope this helps...shawn
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