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Talking re: piston froze!

Originally Posted by ex-28 View Post
nice but i have to see how much shippin is to canda

arug zoom is outta stock on the 80c piston. sigh...

is there a walkthrough , on how to clean and flush this baby out now ? , i really dont want to ahve to split the engine bottom end apart , i have the whole top end open now and carb ,muffler off , will unmount off bike next but jsut wondering how to clean out all the small tiny shavings from the bottom end now.
I just got the lower end of a 66cc Slant Head I'm rebuilding together today, I had a very simular issue like you did with your engine and I can tell you from my own experience that the only way to be sure that you get it cleaned properly is to open it up, I know you dont want to do that and you might get away with just blasting the inside out real good with carb. or brake cleaner and then using highly compressed air to blow the heck out of the crankcase. but then again you may not get away with it and guess what...? you are right back in the same trashed engine situation again and you would have been better off just getting a new engine to start with. It's your call on it but if it were me I would just take the time to do it right the first time or if I didnt have the time I would just buy another engine and fix that one later when I had the time.

Good luck with what ever you do, I hope it works out good for ya and gets you back on the road asap.... God Bless, Shan
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