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Question Re: some problems and questions

Well, after taking my bike on a few test runs I decided to take a trip to the parts store. I picked up an in-line fuel filter and a new spark plug. I tried to find a 7mm plug wire at two different stores but all they had in stock were 8mm. They only way I'll be able to get a 7mm wire would be to get the parts store to order me a full set of plug wires for a car that uses 7mm and the cheapest set is gonna be $21.99. I can get a few 8mm plug wires from a friend for free to save some cash but would it be OK to use one or does it have to be a 7mm ?? I don't want to use an 8mm if it might mess something up. Also, at low speed (5-7 mph) when I give it a little gas to accelerate it's kinda jerky until it gets up to about 12-15 mph. Is this normal or is it a sign of a problem that needs to be addressed, and if so what might be the cause of it ??
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