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Default Billet Manifold for new grubee engines, where??

The new Grubee starfire 58cc engines have a larger sized intake.

The mounting bolts in the engine are wider apart now, which means it is really difficult to get a billet intake manifold for this new engine design.The mounting bolts are at the same distance as the exhaust mount bolts.

Your Performance Billet alloy intake manifold from manic mechanic or Rock solid engines does not fit this engine.

I had to make up a temporary adapter to fit my billet manifold on. I have a tight fitting frame, I have 2mm gap between my carby and frame.

I need a billet manifold for this new model engine, nobody has one and if I ask, they expect me to pay $150 per hour, which is a bit high a price for me considering they want to charge me for making the design.

There should be one already made somewhere??? Why...
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