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Angry piston froze!

welp was out riding today for aboout 25-30 min , stoped for a break then hoped back on all was fine went another 5 min and stoped again for 10 min , then off i went again and lost all power engine slowlly came to a hault , tried everthing to get it to turn over but no go , got home pulled the plug only to see it was verry white in color, i was liek great she's siezed , so i poped off the head taped the piston down with a cloth on top and a mallet and finally she gave way , it was in the up most position when it was stuck. top of the head is all ok , no marks at all , everthyign is fine except for the gouge on the side of my wall as seen in picture. i have over 500 km on this and it turning a month old in 2 days , its the 80cc black slant engine kit from zoom
i did the proper breakin and been running 32:1 mixture for the last 3-4 tanks i always check my plug to keep an eye on it and it's always been perfect golden brown.

i'm not sure if i threw a ring or not yet but after i freed up the piston i took it out pedeled up to about 25 and poped the clutch she started to go a bit but i cant keep it running theres no compression ,

a gouge like that makes that much of a difference ? , i notice there is some tiny shvings in my pic so i thinking i threw a ring and it choped it into fine shavings but i have to pop the head all the way off to check for sure. as the head piee is fine.

i'm not sure what to do from here zoom has the 80cc engine replacements on for $70 i have a $10 off copon but its the old Yong Xing engines not the flying horse one that i have and i dont think its a slant engine.

if i were to fix this myself rather then buy a new engine itself , the head i think is 15 bux , not sure if i need a piston and the righs yet as i have to pull it all apart just wondering what some opionions are with this.

thinking it woudl be cheaper to jsut buy the parts , but not + on all the parts i would need to fix this but the top of piston head looks fine it's just the side wall thats a mess.
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