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Default Re: Why did I join this great Motorized Bicycle forum?

i agree that accidents and deaths can be detrimental to our "hobby," but i don't really agree with the "hobby" part of it.

if you build a fast and safe bike, then you can have a viable form of alternative transportation.

if you build a fast bike out of a piece of junk with known problems (not mentioning any brands by name, because i don't want the people who buy bikes at walmart to get madder at me) then you just have a junky bike that can get you hurt.

one of my goals when i build a bike is to make it as fast, safe, and reliable as possible. to me, riding with traffic at 40+ is safer than trying to do 25-30 in the gutter with traffic whizzing by. if you're in the lane with cars, it's easier for them to tell you're going fast. if you're riding on the side, at first glance, you look like a guy riding a bike, and most of the time, all that guy that's turning out or into a driveway gives you is a glance.

if you're buzzing along in front of him, he'll think you're riding some crazy souped up moped. which you are.

speed, safety, and reliability are all possible, and until people stop looking at this as a "cheap hobby," most people aren't gonna achieve that.

i stated before why i joined this forum, and this post is one of the reasons i'm still here. to try and type some sense into some people...

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