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Default Re: Trailers/Carts Tips and Ideas

Originally Posted by MatCauthon137 View Post
I was thinking about putting my child trailer on my bike but i was concerned about the exhaust fumes, carbon monoxide getting to the kids, i like the way yours is set up, it is stretch so the exhaust is no where near the trialer, so you probably don't have to worry. i have a standard kit, no upgrades, so the exhaust is near my petal, standard beach crusier, not a stretch, will the exhaust fumes still reach the kids you think, or should i get an after market exhaust and see if i can move it further away from the trailer? the only thing I am really worried about is the fact that if the trailer is closed the fumes may gather in it, obviously i am near the exhaust just sitting on the bike and they don't kill me so...I just need an opinion i guess...
here are a few pics of when I was using a 2smoke on a Jaguar cruiser from Target, notice the exhaust is pointing down rather than back,,,I think it helped, because I used to ask the girls after every ride and they never said they could smell 'anything stinky'


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