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Default Re: Don't like coaster brakes?

Clever innovations. I love that. And the topic name is 'Don't like coaster brakes?'

Just for clarity, a 'coaster brake' to me always has, and will always remain referenced by me, to a 'back pedal' brake hub brake.
Hence my comment about chain matching for a front one ;-}

The bigger sprocket on the rear wheel was interesting. It gears the bike ratio lower, so does that make braking easier?
More leverage my friend, so yes ;-}
As mentioned earlier no fun to have to pedal a long way, but it makes the bike much easier to start AND makes the coaster brake good enough to lay a skid.

As far as my definition of a 'coaster brake' goes, I haven't seen anything or know of anything cheaper and easier to swap out than the rear hub 18 tooth sprocket with a 20 tooth for $5 and five minutes not counting chain matching.
It is just that easy on a typical coaster brake beach cruiser bike.

Sure, you can put a smaller front sprocket on it to reduce the gear ratio too, but to pull a typical one piece crank out, change it's sprocket size, and then put it back together is more like 50 minutes and more than $5, and you still need to mess with the pedal chain.

But back to the front coaster brake hub mods...

All I can ask is why?
Even a cheap front 'side pull' brake will stand my bikes up on the front wheel with a little speed.
For a back pedal back coaster brake using you leg and body weight as force and a little gear reduction makes them pretty good, but how are you guys getting that kind of force from a hand grip lever?

Logic tells me you must be getting leverage somewhere to do that with a single hand lever, can you share how?
Thanks ;-}
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