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Default Re: Motorized bike for $50...!

Originally Posted by Mac View Post
Nice catch... Can't beat $50.00, I bet you felt bad as you were driving away.... LOL

Oh.....Yea.....! I felt bad that he didnt have 2 more of-em for that price LOL......!

The guy I got it from builds up bikes for a Salvation Army project that he and a few other guys do every year and then they give the bikes to kids who's parents cant afford to buy them a bike for Christmas, he also collects antique bicycles and now I know why It is so hard to find bike stuff around here.......this dude buys it all up and what he doesnt buy the people donate to the project for the kids. he has some very rare high dollar old bikes that he paid pocket change for, just made me sick listening to the stories all I could think was dang and I would have loved to have some of those old bikes, he had one sitting in the garage that was made in 1946 I cant remember the brand he called it but he gave $30 for it a few days ago and has it sold for $200 already the bike still has almost all its paint and looked awesome, so to make a long story a little shorter I really didnt feel all that bad only giving him the $50 because he is making a killing on the antique bikes he is finding and selling.
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