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Default Re: Picture of engine label needed.....HELP!!!

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
You need government 'red tape' tags and junk for an motorized bicycle in Central New Jersey?
You sure?
Heck, here in Arizona MB's are just considered a bicycle at 48cc or less and require nothing legal in any way. A kid can slap a motor on and ride it legally on the roads here.

Or are you doing it for insurance or the like reasons?
I really dont have to, but my bike looks like a chopper and tends to draw stares. I just dont want any trouble from mr. fuzz. I do have insurance on it right now, just incase i do get pulled over, i got 2 of 3 requirments, my license and insurance (lacking registration/plate). And once I hopefully get my title, all ill have to do is register the thing.
I got the packet in the mail yesterday from the DMV for a Title for a Specialty Constructed Vehical and the standards that my bike or moped as by defined by the state has to pass is crazy.
To get a title, I have to show a Manufacturer Certificate of Origin for the bike. Bikes dont come with freakin MCO'S, just the reciept from the store, so I registered my bike with the Nationl Bike Registry and got a certificate of ownership....hope its enough.
For the engine, I have to provide documentation from the manufacturer to establish proof of the year of the engine. So fot that, I will use the sticker i made with the pic u gave me.......thanks!!!
Also Needed is all reciepts/invoices for all parts used in the vehicles construction. You must provide color photos or tracings of the VIN# on both the engine and frame, and color photos of the entire vehicle capturing all angles of the bike including the instrument panel. Photos can't cut off any portion of the bike.
After all of that fun, you must Fill out all paperwork, a 60 dollar check to DMV and send everything off to the state for them to review. Then they call you and schedual an appointment at a special DMV site where they inspect the bike and either approve you and u get the title, or deny you and you lose the title and the 60 bucks you sent. Im going to try and take a stab at gettin the title, i got nuthing to lose. If I dont recieve a title and registration, it wont stop me from still cruzin......just take those back roads.......
Since I built my bike from scratch I still have to put some more work into it before i bring it to the state for them to inspect. Still need to buy dot approved head/taillight, turn signals, license plate light and horn. Not to mention the 12 volt battery i need to wire all the stuff up to..... Speaking of..... Where can i find wiring diagrams so that i dont blow bulbs and stuff. Every time i hook a battery up, i blow sumthing or it goes dead in 5 mins.....Homemade systems are tough

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