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Default Re: At what point --buy motorcycle ?

Originally Posted by robin View Post
For $130 a month for a KLR Kawasaki 650 i can get a motorcycle - no constant tinkering or experimentation -seem to spend lots on bicycles with limited speed - safety and range. Could keep up with traffic and really go off road -am i tempted ! ( but alas no exercise- or shall i say exorcism?)
It's a decision everyone has to make for themselves. I have a good friend who always says:

Everything in life is a trade off, the trick is getting what's right for you at any particular time and place.
If it suits your needs and budget, then go for it. Not the case for myself but many into motorized bicycles do so for entry into two-wheeled motor sports for short money and/or because they lost their license.

Personally, and for a number of reasons, I really don't want a motorcycle. I've had them and pretty much done with that.

I am into bicycles, ride and own a dozen or so from road bikes to downhill Mtn bikes so motorizing them as I get older with quiet, efficient little motors just seems for me to be a good fit.
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