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Originally Posted by Helmutt Cycles View Post
I've encountered the Pourist Spandexers, both on the road and I a couple of bike shops. and it's real they are bothered by the Idea,, In a general sort of way.. Jeesh?
A Bike shop In scottsdale, I chose to inquire about some interanlly shifted rear hubs. when they realized what I was working on any help trying to Buy a very exspensive Bicycle part at this store.. Was flat over. as the so called tec Looked out and asked me if that thing outside in that truck was mine.. when I answered,a proud Yes the dialoge went south!!! .
Very unprofessional. A bike shop in Phoenix was really unpleasant to me, and they're the ones who sold me the Charger EBike! There's just this basic misunderstanding that the spandexers have: bikes are exercise machines, not transportation, or heaven forbid, a fun machine.

Originally Posted by Helmutt Cycles View Post
I also showed up this year at a Green day ride into Scottsdale, Orginized By the City township community activist, I dressed the part with a Bicycle helmet, Nice slacks. Penny Loafers. coat and Tie..and the EPA rated Muffler,, it was I'd say an 80. 20 spilt In my polling from the Looks. Yet the 20% were very much suportive as they came right over to say they did.. yet making light of the 80's disaproval.. guess a 120mpg doesn't rate green enough,as it still burns the evil "Fuel Gasoline",and that was my Whizzer bike that day.. Not my 140mpg version 48cc Honda powered Helmutt.
Bottom line.. I agree. with Bill,and Hold my nose KC.. the Smile and Wave works for me too. "-)
I've run into that too! Someone who's driving an SUV just won't admit that a small gas bike is a step in the right direction for transportation for most commuters! I would love to have a long-range EBike, they just are not affordable yet (look up Optibikes and faint). So for now, I am gonna try the gas bike idea.

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