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Cool Re: just joined.. hope i can be of help!

Originally Posted by stevolandis View Post
Welcome- do you happen to have any motor bikes??
@Cptcaveman - Hi, and welcome from Darlington, SC. Hope all is well your way.

@stevolandis - I just finished up my first build this morning and it was a Stinger (66cc) and also a black Huffy (Panama Jack cruiser). You wouldn't happen to have a pic would you, I'd like to check it out. I posted a few pics of mine in the motorized bicycle Tavern earlier this morning.

Hope everyone has a great day !!
Yeah, that's right, there's a motor on my bike. Go ahead and laugh at me now, but I'll be laughing at you the next time I see you at the gas station You got a V-what ?? And that gets how many lightpoles to the gallon........
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