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Default Re: tricky...tricky...tricky...

maybe i am expecting too much? ok, so i tinkered around with her and got rid of all the air leaks (that i can find). I spray carb cleaner everywhere i can think of (between the intake and the motor, between the intake and the carb), and the motor does not stall. The it will not run with the choke on, and will idle perfect. Going downhilll, well that's easy. and going on flat land, she flies. it's all stock parts, so i don't expect to start going from a dead stop without pedaling first...however...

this is albuquerque, and we are full of some pretty steep hills...she can take some of the lesser hills, i have to pedal to get her started up the hill (even if i have already been going) and if the hill is long i have to pedal again about the middle of the hill to help her out, steep hills i have to pedal the whole time to help her out...lack of power going uphill...

normally, being a noob, i would say this motor is pedal assist and that's fine, except my wife also built a bike, (different motor to be sure) and hers takes all of these hills no problem without her having to pedal at all...


my bike: huffy cranbrook beach cruiser
my motor: grubee skyhawk 48 cc
me: about 135 lbs (yeah yeah)

her bike: greenline bc-105 beach cruiser
her motor: grubee starfire 48 cc
her: about 120-130 lbs

am i doing something wrong or am i just expecting too much from a stock motor?
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