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Default Re: some problems and questions

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
Penzoil for air cooled engines is all I use, even in the ultralight aircraft engines we run.

If you find the clutch slips, you may need to grind just a little off the end of the pin, no need to buy another.
Wow, that was like a slap in the face, a real eye opener I never thought of grinding a little off the existing pin. Guess I was over-thinking that one just a wee bit. Glad to hear that Pennzoil is OK because it's readily available and pretty inexpensive too. Many thanks to you Bikeguy Joe. Guess while I'm here I'll toss out another question. I'm noticing where it's better to get advice from people with experience instead of relying on my wonderfully vague chinese instructions. That said, is there a thread that covers proper engine break-in. My instructions say to not exceed 15mph or 30 minutes run time until the engine has been broken in, but they fail to cover what the proper break-in procedure is. All they say is to start out with 16:1 then move up to 20:1 which I found to be incorrect after digging around here in the threads. It also states that the idle speed should be between 1300-1500rpm (1400rpm being the optimum). Is this correct and if so how do you tell what these little things are turning over without a tachometer ?? I'm not sure exactly how a tach. works but I wonder if it would be possible to hook one up to one of these engines. I think that would be a cool add-on if so, have a little small tachometer mounted somewhere on the handlebars. Well, I've said enough for now. Hope you guys have a great day and happy biking. May your rides be smooth and your tanks stay forever full !!
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