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Default Re: Very New Newbie from Phoenix

Originally Posted by azbill View Post
most spandexers around here have seen me enough they either give the headnod or ignore me
nothing I like better than blowing by a (heavily sweating) dude with more money in his riding clothes than I have in my entire bike
I do have to grin at that myself ;-}

I make a point of always smiling and waving while I ride, and with my shift kit I can just lay off the throttle and coast up (full speed) at idle almost silently to both bike riders and joggers, especially along the canal banks.

I just idle up to the spandex, nod and smile, say Hi, and then lay on the gas in the appropriate gear to zoom away.
I usually look something like this when riding...

.. riding responsibly to others and my own safety are by far the most important to me, but a smile and nod for every eye contact you make works wonders, at least it seems to for me.
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