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Default n00b in Oregon

OK, so I bought my girlfriend an old cruiser at the goodwill for next to nothing, she was excited and polished up the chrome. I made sure it was mechanicaly tuned up and had a ball working on a small scale project like that. Took us both back to being kids. I introduced her to possibility she could customize her bike to make it hers... we go riding around and hills are an issue for her; saw some folks on vespas or something, looked fun on the island, but far to easy and uncool to simply BUY a scooter (anybody can do that) so I start snooping around the internet, see the kits are very reasonable, remember seeing an motorized bicycle shop window display in Bizbee AZ, then stumble across you folks and start I'm HOOKED

Still researching, but to start I want to go as basic as basic can be....cruiser with a coaster brake and a 2 stroke kit. Hoping it can get my 190lbs up a reasonable hill, simple and cool.

lurking around here I'm getting concerned my simple plan may get foiled by law enforcement. All I want after all is "to be free and to ride my machine without being hassled by the man"

Sorry, couldn't resist.....anyway any advice from the seasoned motorbicyclists out there about how to proceed without getting sideways with Johnny law would be appreciated. I plan on operating in Portland oregon and the San Juan Islands (Washington State)

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