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Default Re: Why I Started This Motor Bicycle Forum

Why I started this forum. There are so many talented people here. It is awesome to share in a wealth of knowledge. Iron sharpens Iron so to speak . I learn something new here every day. So many folks with so much shared innovation! I really enjoy putting back into the forum when I can it is like giving back to society. To do a good thing.

Kids Grand kids reading this forum is awesome and very procreative! A truly beautiful thing!

Folks from every walk of life across the world. Now that's sharing! The best think tank ever!!!!!! We are part of a international forum! How cool is that! A truly beautiful thing!

I saw a long documentary about Rome when it fell and society had lost its Science and engineers. It took decades to rebuild. We truly live in an information society.. We can make a huge impact on positive influence here!
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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