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Default Re: Bending the stock exhaust, how far?

Same principals apply Beej. Lil heat, lil push. Lil heat, lil push is the (IMHO) easiest way. I have bent them cold too. Just a lil at a time. If your muffler is not chromed and you bend carefully, won't show at all. Try Bairdco's method in reverse.

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post

As far as little bends on the exhaust pipe I didn't have any fancy tools when I needed to, I don't even have big bench vice so like bairedco I just used what I had around.

In my case that meant something heavy but not damaging to hold the pipe so I could bend it a bit and I found just the thing in my garage as well.

Hehehehe, ya, my Truck Vice ;-}

I just put a rounded kit mount bracket under the bend point to reduce any flat spot, a piece of 2x4 on top to bite in some to hold and not damage the tire, and then 'close the vice', hence lower the jack.

Then just a little slipper clad leverage and a slow pull.

All I needed was a little less angle so the pipe didn't hit the frame so I don't know if that will help the other way like your question going the other way, but it might give you some ideas how you could if think outside the box ;-}
Har! That is awesome KC!
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