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Default Re: some problems and questions

After yet another all-nighter (no, I don't give up easily) the drive train has been re-assembled and the clutch is working properly with one exception. There is no free play at all in my clutch arm and I can't seem to get any free play with it, no matter how I adjust the clutch and/or cable. It seems to me that the pin that the clutch arm pushes on is too long. I'm tempted to find a length of steel rod that is the same diameter and fabricate a few replacement pins that are a little shorter and keep replacing the factory pin until I find the right length that will allow for there to be 'slight free play' in the clutch arm. What do you guys think ?? Would this be worth the time or will it be OK without any free play ?? I don't won't to run it this way if it will cause any damage, but if there's no danger of damage then I can live without the free play. Let me know what you guys think because after 7 straight days of work, including 3 all-nighters I'm ready to gas this baby up and get some fire under her @ss, lol. Also, my two local part stores do not stock synthetic two-cycle oil which is what I thought would be best. The best thing they carry is standard Pennzoil two-cycle for air cooled engines. Will this be OK or am I going to have to special order the synthetic ??
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