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Default Re: Chain Breaker Questions.

I have the HF one. It is heavy duty, cheap and really works well. I used to have a small sledge, punch and nail in a box just for breaking chains but once I used an actual chain breaker, wow, what a difference. 2 seconds and your done. Don't even have time for colorful language and is way kinder to your knuckles. I am going to spend the cash and get one for this. Never sorry when ya have the right, good tool.

Originally Posted by moronic_kaos View Post
I spent like $35 on one of those at the hardware store before. Could not for the life of me figure out how to use it.
I never could figure them out either MK! (I think it is sold as a chain breaker to hide that is a marital aid for folks who enjoy leather) Just found this; Roller Chain Breaker Tools #25-#60 (4003D60) Has a diagram. Might have to try one.

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
dremels are lousy at putting chains back together...
Cracked me up Baird. I posted that in the snork thread
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