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Default Re: Picture of engine label needed.....HELP!!!

These may help, or not, and all I have are SkyHawk pics, and these first two I just made links because they are gigantic pics (both over 1200x wide) you can tweak and size to your liking.

For legal stuff nothing beats an EPA sticker.
Here is a 48cc one 1242x883
Just print it at 2 1/4" x 1 1/2"

For the round one, well, it has no motor size marking on it.
You can use this Skyhawk pic if you want, 1664x1812!
Just cut the circle and print it as a 4" circle.

Use good thick paper!

But as far as the 4" circle logo goes, make your own.
I do regardless of actual engine size, and they all pretty much look like this.

Nothing says 'don't bother looking' than your own sticker that says 48cc, just don't use mine, I can get protective about things like that, but you get the idea ;-}
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