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Default Re: Why I Started This Motor Bicycle Forum

Originally Posted by happyvalley View Post
Heh, probably because the admins/mods here are mature enough not to see their job as some kind of power trip. I was on the other site for two years and never had a problem until the new mall cop showed up, lol.
Beats me, but I don't even know the screen name of whoever banned me from that 'other site'.

A 'bad mod' can hurt that's for sure, only had one and that was years ago, and all I give access to advanced functions to now are people of character which is pretty easy to determine from a few posts.

Profiling? You bet your butt it is, we do that a lot here Arizona so I am told...
Some kids can be 'steered in the right direction', but some folks (and forum spammers) aren't here for the site other than to disrupt it.

Just a fact of the Internet.
Unlike this site, every link you click could lead you down a dark ally on the bad site of town.
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