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Default Re: Should I buy this walmart bike?

The bike is what it is......I'm not a huge fan of Wal-Mart bikes but this one seems to have fairly decent specs for what it costs.

Some of the specs are a little non specific like "front suspension fork"....these can vary wildly in quality....not that much of a safety concern but sometimes you're better off spending the same amount of money on a bike without front suspension as you'll get better components elsewhere on the bike.

My only safety advice......swap out the aluminum handlebars for steel handlebars, I've been riding bikes for a long time and I've snapped more then one set of handlebars....steel will give you a little bit of a warning before it lets go....aluminum-not so much.

Before you install the motor.....completely go over the entire bike to make sure the person that assembled it didn't miss anything. I've seen all kinds of weird things done to Wal-Mart bikes by assemblers like the front fork being installed backwards, brakes not adjusted correctly, etc.
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