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Default Re: I need your guys' 2 cents on durability/ longevity issues on HT motors and.....

if you tighten your headbolts down right the first time, you should never have to touch them again (unless you want to take the head off for some reason.)

the only way they'd snap is from trying to torque them everyday, or a defect, or if you throw a rod and your engine explodes. if the latter happens, headbolts are the least of your concerns.

as Tom pointed out, stay away from SS fasteners. not only are they brittle, but the hard threads will (not might, but will) cut into the aluminum and seize. i've seen this happen a lot, and once while i was hand threading a bolt in (working on a microwave antenna, not an engine.) the bolt stopped, and wouldn't back out. had to break it off and just skip that hole.
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