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Default Re: some problems and questions

Well I'm glad I read this thread because I was going to follow my instructions and mix up my fuel 16:1, but not anymore. Thanks for the heads up guys. I also have a question while I'm here. I am fixing to sit down and tear this whole drive train apart (clutch, shaft, ect.) in order to find out why I have no clutch action and hopefully correct the problem. I have read through most of Norm's teardown and repair threads and I don't foresee any major problems but I would like to see a schematic drawing of the drive train and it's parts. I've been looking but haven't found one yet. It's pretty bad when you have to take a brand new engine and tear it apart and troubleshoot it in order to try to get it to work properly, just goes to show what can pass as acceptable nowadays. Guess my grandfather was right when he told me that if you want something done right then you better do it yourself because if you let someone else do it then you're going to have to check behind them and fix their mistakes anyway. I bet if he was still here to assist me I'd have this thing running by now (he was a small engine mechanic). Wish I would have payed more attention when I used to help him in his shop when I was growing up, lol. Too late for that now. Alright, enough talking, it's time to see what this thing is made of !! Wish me luck cause here I go.............

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