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Default Re: Very New Newbie from Phoenix

Originally Posted by Helmutt Cycles View Post
...hey this next fall we should get a ride group up, and maybe from The Chuy's Mesquite broiler,"on Cave Creek RD.and Cactus Rd" to the town Of Cave Creek.. there's great bike lanes all the way there.. just thinking it would be cool beans
I agree!
Is the Horny Toad still in Cave Creek? If not how about the Satisfied Frog? Been awhile since I ventured that way but once it cools off some, mid October maybe, I am certainly game for a ride that way.

Chuy's to a Toad and back would be a nice ride, other than getting around the 'Spandex Riders' on the sweet bike friendly lane the city added for all bike riders without too many sneers on that beautiful stretch of road, it would be a wonderful stretch of road for a 'get together' ride.

I couldn't keep up with the likes of a Whizzer MB, my 3-speed 48cc shifter ride can keep a pretty good pace, especially when it comes to hills ;-}
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