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Default Re: My first Motorized bike

welcome to the site. i will be the first to say my mechanical ability is pretty bad. i have been an air traffic controller most of my life and when i wasnt one i was a sales person. i ordered my first bike complete that was an electric one. finally i wanted a gas motor after about a year of the electric one and ordered it. i was intimidated big time with it and it sat on the work bench a long time before i got up the nerve to build it. however i did and it turned out nice. a few mistakes along the way but it was a learning experience. to give you an idea i didnt know the difference between a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke and never heard of mixing oil and gas. i think with my lack of experience and knowledge it made it that much more wonderful when i got it done and it fired up the first time. my suggestion is definitely build it yourself. the satisfaction when done is worth its weight in gold. also you will know everything about it and be able to fix it when it breaks. we will all be right here with you to help and so will dax.
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