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did you use the factory motor mounts? if so, you may want to do a little work on cupping them out in the direction of the frame tubes. some times the motor mounts don`t sit as flush to the frame as you may need. check your chain for any binding or links sticking. make sure your sprockets are lined up they may cause a wobble or a vibration if not in line. the muffler will vibrate if its free hanging with out extra support. just try anything out of the norm. after all, these are not your normal engines. next is the motor, there is a break in period. its going to take more than a tank or two to break in the motor. start bye making small or short runs,or just warming up the motor for 5-10 mins. then shut it down and let it cool. these are not sleeved cylinders. there junk metal and you have to cure the cylinder a little at a time to avoid issues later. your probably getting the vibration at around 23-25 mph would be my guess? that`s what is the norm until full break in. don`t push it to high in the rpm range at first. give the motor time to cure in. if your set on pulling it apart, make sure you have an extra gasket for the bottom of the jug. they tend to rip. just take the head off and check for anything out of the norm or anything that don`t look right. slide the jug up a little, but not past the rings. try to oil the crank end of the connecting rod. just a little should do it. there is going to be some slop of the connecting rod. after all this is not a real high quality motor to begin with. check for any connecting rod bearings possibly floating around. their junk and they tend to come apart early in the running. just to make sure the bearings are still solid. after you put it back together. start looking for other crazy type things that may cause the vibe. there is nothing to crazy to look for, the smallest thing will throw a motor to the wind. have a good one and wait to ride hard on that new motor. wezwheels.
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