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Default Re: Why I Started This Motor Bicycle Forum

Originally Posted by Weedylot View Post
My experience exactly with a very similar site with a very similar name. This site is way more comfortable for a newbie and a computer challenged guy like me. I'm still asking my very busy wife to help me with the computer, so forgive me if I do step on toes or post on the wrong thread. I was admonished and made to feel the a frat boy pledge on the other site. If I do ever run into a local know it all from the other site...
lol i was having my daughter help me all the time putting this all togather. she would say just do this dad and her fingers would move so fast i had no idea what she was doing but it would fix what i couldn't. we are all learning this computer stuff togather and it is a challenge. took me forever to learn to post a picture but most of it once you do it a few times it gets easier. something new to learn every day.
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