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Default Re: Should I buy this walmart bike?

Originally Posted by AslansMonkey View Post
Generally true, but not necessarily applicable to the bicycles you buy at Walmart. If you REALLY want to rough it and go off road, buy a bike shop mountain bike...but don't put a motor in it. I'd not assume that a department store mountain bike is more rugged then a department store cruiser, however.
Very true, I forgot we were dealing with wally world, and I did put a motor on my nice bike store mt bike because I got fat and lazy and lack the physical stamina to take it off road like it was meant. So I put a motor on it and boy is it fun....(I did try to take it off road once with the motor, I need a larger sprocket because those trees were coming at me a little to fast when I was trying to stay in the power band with the 44t sprocket)
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