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Default New way to put YOUR Motorized Bicycle on-line

Hi Guys, been busy!
I think many of you will like what I put together on my KC's Kruisers - Motorized Bicycles web site over the last week, just click the Forums top menu link.

I added this forum for basics but also made a special Your Motorized Bike form generated, database driven, dynamic topic for your bike info, but normal forum reply ability to do it because, well I could ;-"

Before I go any further...


I added a forum and this unique system mostly for my own business use and have no desires to compete with this or any other site, especially this treasure trove of good info, but what I did is pretty cool for it's purpose and I hope you agree a spiffy little addition to the internet resources for our passion.

Give it a try. I figure anyone that uses this place should find it easy, but I do have a topic about how it works for this Final Beta Testing and open to any suggestions be it more options, details, etc.

As of this posting I have to walk away from the computer for awhile, 13 hours straight on it is past "eat and take a nap" time ;-}
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