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Default Re: I find the Tanak PF-4000 ear shattering loud !

The exhaust note of these 2 stroke utility engines bothers some, others not.
I'm one who doesn't like it at all.

I've tried a number of exhaust solutions, fabbed up can type mufflers, and found I can reduce the noise, I can quiet the engine way down, however the more I muffle the noise the more the engine suffers power loss.

Also, another thing, perhaps something like 40% of the exhaust note is coming back through the intake so simply using a muffler isn't going to do it all. I know of one MBer who fashioned both exhaust muffler AND intake muffler as well with pretty good results though it should be pointed out he's using the GP460 engine which is a real screamer.

The 2 stroke rack mounts I have are with Mitsubishi engines, which are according to the factory are supposed to be"whisper quiet", LOL. They are quieter than some of the clones but still noisy.
I've found about as good a solution as any, also cheap and easy, is to use 12" of black, common automotive heater hose attached with a worm clamp and pointed toward the ground. (I'll mention when I do this I always remove the spark arrester screen inside the muffler) It really does take the edge off.

The other real solution is a 4 stroke motor, Honda or Robin, and there's also Titan but I know nothing about them. I use the Robin 35s and I still use the 12" of heater hose on them. I like them quiet, lol. I've looked a lot but Staton is the only supplier of Robins I know of, the Honda 35 can be bought in a number of the engine warehouse places.

I'll eventually go electric someday for that very reason but only when battery technology and my budget align themselves.

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