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Default Re: Should I buy this walmart bike?

Just my opinion here but.... For a base bike I would think a mountain bike would be "safer" than a cruiser. The intended use of a mountain bike is to go off road and to get beat on a little bit. A cruiser looks cool but was not intended for any sort of heavy riding, (I mean you can buy a cup holder for cruisers to hold your star bucks while chatting with friends). So from that point alone I would think a mountain bike offers a sturdier base to build on. That being said, I almost bought a cruiser at walmart yesterday because it was almost cheaper to buy the entire bike than the tires and seat I was looking at to but on my mountain bike. The cruiser has comfort built in that is easy to add to another bike, a mountain bike has a ruggedness that can be added to a cruiser, but you are gonna spend what the mountain bike cost and then some in the first place.
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