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Default Re: Should I buy this walmart bike?

you asked for opinions, right? so i gave you mine.

if your mind's already made up, what's the point of asking us?

i never said you should buy a cruiser instead of a mountain bike and you never asked if that bike was good or safe for a motor. you just asked if you should buy it.

i didn't give you my full opinion before, but now i guess i will, so here goes.

that bike is a piece of junk. is it safe? no. sure it has double walled rims, but it's got either 14 or 15g spokes, which are skinny and weak. you'll end up having to upgrade the wheels before too long.

the gears are worthless, like AslansMonkey pointed out, unless you plan on getting a shift kit, or pedaling a lot.

the "front suspension" on the majority of low-end mountain bikes fails after a while under normal riding circumstances, and would be worse with a motor.

i checked out the hong kong Promax site, and they have tons of inferior knock-off products of more reliable companies. they even have the same style brake levers that come with the motor kits, and those are garbage.

i dunno what a "dynamic racing down tube" is. there is no such thing. but you might be able to use that to impress chicks. "check out my dynamic racing down tube, baby. it's got integrated gussets..."

tires are low-budget, probably has thin innertubes, so that's a safety concern.

i'm sure all the hardware is poor quality, and as you yourself stated, you're going to put a different seat on it.

so, should you buy it?

yeah. go ahead. dude. it's awesome. can't go wrong with Walmart. it's the new american way. if anything breaks, maybe the guy who works the nachos counter can tune it up for you. that is, if the guy from the camping department that put it together originally has the day off...
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