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Wink Re: Should I buy this walmart bike?

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
the question i ask myself before buying (or building) a bike, is "would i ride this bike without a motor?"

what i mean, is, is it a cool bike? does it have any style? is it comfortable?

if the answer to any of those questions is "No," then it's just one big motor mount.

the walmart bike you want, in my opinion, is almost as attractive as the cardboard box the motor comes in.
LOL funny but I dont care at all if its cool or has style and the forks and a nice padded seat should make it comfortable as I need. I was not asking if I sould buy a cruser compared to a mountain bike I was asking if this mountain bike is a good one as in safe for a motor. I dont give a rats azz if its attractive to you or not thats has nothing to do with what I asked or need to know lol but Thanks for sharing hehe(I guess wink)

PS if and when I need to know this stuff Ill make a post and ask if this bike is pretty enough to build into a off road mud hauling mountain climbing dirt bike hehe wink snork!!

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