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Default Re: chain and tire problem!

Originally Posted by Ben View Post
Thanks for the tip! I have a standard coaster hub extra gears and I don't have the money for the jack shaft kit let alone a Nu Vinci variable tranny. I found some extra tires (1.95s and hardly used) in the storage room..although they aren't Fat Franks, they are a solid black which will match the black cruiser frame nicely (it's a Black Racer from SpookyTooth), and I'm sure there will be enough clearance. My only dilemma now is in trying to clear the 72 spokes with the 9 bolts on the 36 tooth sprocket. I KNOW STB was able to do this since the bike is pictured with a 36tooth on the same radial laced wheel. Well, I think this thread has taken a turn off-subject so I'll sign off for now, unless this can be transferred to the appropriate thread! -Ben
Thats Dax (a sponsor to the left) has his version of the shift kit too for cheaper. You could still keep your single speed coaster and the cool tires. I guess it depends on how much you want to keep those fatty tires. I would go the tire route also, since its cheaper, but then again, what you end up spending on trying to get the sprocket to work with your wheels might make it a wash. There are some really good tires out there called Hemisphere Armadillos by Specialized if you choose to go that route. They are puncture resistant. I have a set. They are 26" x 1.95" and fit on my 2.125" rim nicely. Specialized Bicycle Components : Hemisphere Armadillo Tire


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